Life24Fit: How is it Different

Life24Fit is an app which understands a typical office going individual, his desire to be fit and his constraints.

  •  For the user work is the first priority and health comes a little later
  •  While in office, employee can create opportunities to keep himself physically active
  •  It is possible and necessary to integrate a light exercise like walk in the daily schedule without missing out on essential tasks
  •  The employee does not have enough time to fill up too much information or track his lifestyle.

Keeping the above considerations in mind the Life24Fit supports the employee by doing the following:

  • Focuses mainly on walking as it is the best form of exercise for office goers with minimum risk of injury.
  • Does not ask employee to feed too much data or enable disable app data recording in the app.
  • Automatically tracks distance walked, steps taken, calories burnt
  • Sends reminders based on weather to go out so that the walk also serves as an opportunity to mentally relax.

The app slowly learns from the user behaviour and nudges him towards a healthy lifestyle.


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